Stamped Concrtet

The new construction techniques, and concrete floors printed a new way for the establishment and implementation of the floors or walkways within the surrounding gardens or swimming pools as well as the sidewalks of Foreign Affairs.
This is the way an ideal way to sidewalks due to their variety and colors that can be configured and installed according to the requirements of the design engineer is also characterized by a variety of forms designed in hard methods of finishing different Kackor natural, bricks, stones and granite surfaces is coarse and a variety of formats and different, taken from the methods of pavement that use different materials and because of the possibility the use of colors is unlimited may grant such broad options for designers and architects ideal opportunities for creativity and innovation, and possible use of concrete printed at home and abroad, both as it could be used within the galleries, restaurants and cafes, and even the trade fairs. Has been awarded this method of architectural innovation new additions as could some designers add more than one article to show the innovative ways in the floors where the blending of natural stone with concrete print, as well as ceramic or porcelain or baked bricks or granite in its various forms, making this innovative method verify dimensions were not found from before.
Diversity is unlimited in terms of colors, shapes and surfaces and the blending of materials ideal opportunity to give the designer tools is ideal for creativity, innovation and development to suit the dimensions of space and its distinct and Fragath different whether these formations and spaces are internal or external and evolved that way to become a new tool in the interfaces, the different buildings.
"The mechanism is the pouring of concrete normally be printed ten centimeters thick and armed with iron six millimeters, at least pour on the floor of reclamation that is required to receive the stacked and ready to cast so as not to fall in the future.
After casting and before they dry sprayed concrete by reinforcing the materials and colored concrete to blend with the surface of concrete, and before the final stage of concrete is sprayed colored powder to prevent the adhesion of rubber masks.
The substance has two benefits, first to prevent sticking masks, rubber on concrete and give Totaiqa color-mixed concrete, then choose the desired shape of the seals by the client and stamped concrete forms required, and after that dry concrete after three days or so, begin the process of washing concrete, using brooms regular water.
An important point is the degree of washing is what will determine the degree of aging was required in the case of laundry washing Vsicom strong material so that the aging aging article will look light and vice versa. And controls the degree of skill laundry Group, and the desire of the client, who chose the color of the models that offer it.
After washing bring material waxing and polishing concrete and working class to protect the concrete from the drink water or oil and unwanted substances are also working on protection from the sun and to highlight the class color is beautiful, and gives as well as to him is nice for concrete may last from six months to a year. After that, he wanted to re-paint the concrete floor of this article, this new option available to him.
And the advantages of this Article:
1 - high speed in implementation
2 - high resistance to ground and air friction and the factors
3 - available, including a variety of formats with ease of configuration between the different types of Ktamat
4 - Diversity in the colors as requested by the client
5 - less cost when compared to the tiles and ceramics, porcelain and marble used in the work of coordinating sites, because such acts are normal and then pour concrete with a layer of filling and then install the tile or ceramic, etc. Balmonp. As printed in the concrete Vensab layer of normal concrete thickness of 10 cm, the layer that we Ptleuenha Takhtimha and form and color wanted, and after completing the drought we B_taibha which gives the speed and time-saving and business costs

Concrete Flats

We also specialize in concrete flats of all kinds and forms
We have a lot of work and the finest big in this field in airports, factories, garages and what all fields their own, such as
Touch with the helicopter
Chainsawcutting intervals
The work of finishing machine if requested by the customer
Fill the holes by materials depicted on the advisory body
Carpentry flooring
Specification of the iron as advisory body
Pouring of concrete

Decoration, Painting and Waterfalls

Our company does the following works
- Artificial stones, waterfalls, caves, mountains, beaches
- Artificial arts, Artificial Pharaonic columns, Artificial grounds
- Artificial fountains, Artificial Agro-basins, Artificial stone bridges
- Artificial beaches
Beside to all types of artificial sculpture, artificial Pharaonic sculpture, artificial Roman sculpture, artificial Andalusian sculpture, artificial Badawi sculpture, which are commensurate with the various civilizations, also commensurate with most of the tourist villages